Gastrodiet 2017

Dr CK Yao

CK Yao is a post-doctoral research fellow and Accredited Practising Dietitian who has recently completed her PhD on dietary manipulation of colonic fermentation in ulcerative colitis and functional bowel disorders. She was also involved in the development and testing of new biomarkers for profiling the functional capacity of the microbiota, including a novel gas-sensing technology for measuring hydrogen sulfide and nitric oxide gases in ulcerative colitis. Her research interests currently includes developing a dietary strategy for ulcerative colitis together with the FODMAP team at Monash University. CK has also conducted research in the area of fermentable carbohydrates, gut microbiota and functional bowel disorders. Her work has resulted in numerous publications and CK has served as a guest editor for several nutrition and gastroenterology journals.

CK Yao is currently completing a post-doctoral position at the University of Hong Kong, helping expand research integrating Western and traditional Chinese dietary therapies for patients with functional bowel disorders.