Gastrodiet 2017

Dr Dana Lis

Formerly a performance nutritionist with the Canadian Sport Institute Dana has had the honor or working with several of Canada’s top athletes, sport scientists and internationally, professional athletes.  As a registered dietitian and graduate of the renowned IOC diploma in sport nutrition, she has expanded her focus from practical work in the field with athletes to achieving her doctorate from the University of Tasmania and Post Doctoral research at UC Davis in California. Her PhD research focus investigated the effects of gluten-free diets on athletic performance and the effects of short-chain carbohydrate (FODMAPs) on athletes’ gastrointestinal health. Changing directions, her doctoral research is focused on the effects of collagen/vitamin C and epicatechin-rich cocoa supplementation on collagen synthesis and performance. Dana currently resides in California but maintains her passion and dedication for Canadian sport by keeping it an active part of her life through maintaining a sport science team position with the Vancouver Whitecaps and a leadership role in B2Ten Sport Nutrition Mentorship program. With one foot in research and the other in practice, Dana continues to strive towards pushing the envelope of evidence-influenced sport nutrition.