Gastrodiet 2017



The demand from the community and now from health professionals to answer the question ‘what should I eat?” is great. It is pleasing to observe that innovations in the use of diet in the treatment and prevention for gastrointestinal illnesses are growing at a rapid pace. This is the second international ‘GASTRODIET’ conference. The first was highly successful and has fostered many collaborations and new thought. GASTRODIET 2017 likewise will be a two-day conference for health professionals and scientists to hear presentations of work at the cutting edge. The meeting encourages lively discussion and debate about new frontiers that have opened in the use of diet as a management tool in gastroenterology. We welcome all those interested in learning more and contributing to this rapidly expanding and exciting area of medical and nutritional research.

Professor Peter Gibson
Monash University
Department of Gastroenterology,
Melbourne, Australia